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Our Staff

 Staff NameStaff Role/Responsibility

Mrs. Nicola Fountain

Headteacher; Safeguarding & Looked After Lead; RE; PE, PSHE; First-Aider

Mrs. Nikki Henry-Moore

Class 1 (Reception) SENCo; EYFS; Music; First-Aider

Mrs. Nicola D'Costa

Class 2 (Y1/2 Part-time) Art & DT

Mrs. Christine Gibbon

Class 2 (Y1/2 Part-time) Science; History/Geography

Mrs. Jayne Walker

Class 3 (Y3/4), English; MFL & Culture

Ms. Amanda Cordell-Edwards

Class 4 (Y5/6), Maths; IT/Coding; EVC; First-Aider

Mrs. Jane King

SEN Teacher

Mr. Gavin Kelly (GLK)

PE Multi-skills and Football Coach

Mrs Joanne Kelly (GLK) 

Gymnastics Coach 

Mrs. Jenny Dellar

Site Supervisor

Mrs Carol Watt 


 Bursar; Deputy Safeguarding; First-Aider 


Teaching Assistants (A range of hours)  

Mrs Nicky Townsend

Class 1 - First Aider

Miss Alicia Anderton 

Classes 1 and 2 - First Aider

Mrs Melanie Thomas 

Class 3 and Cover

Mrs Kerry Woods

Class 4, Well-being Lead and Cover Teacher

Mrs Sally Young

Class 3

Lunchtime Supervisors / Play Leader  

Mrs. Sarah Shaw


Mrs. Marilyn Partridge



SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator/Inclusion)

IT (Information Technology)

EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education)

SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social Cultural Development)

RE (Religious Education)

MFL (Modern Foreign Languages)

PE (Physical Education)