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Finland Day Four

Today we visited a primary school by the Forest.

Pupil guides showed us around the school all morning and we even had lunch with them.  (Suri, Touka, Aada and Eetu). Their English was very good, especially Touka. 

We saw lots of lessons:

  • Finnish - practising adverbs, adjectives and verbs with a game
  • Math assessments on the computer 
  • Art - sketching birds
  • Science - Plants and measuring their growth
  • English - A game to practise descriptive sentences using cartoon characters
  • History - Viking long boats

There are 30 iPads for a school of over 400 pupils, so they are used a lot. Children have a virtual online platform where they can produce blogs in school and at home.

Pupils enjoy their sport - football is very popular!

At the end of the day the Headteacher explained their school priorities. One was to improve teacher feedback to pupils which is the same as our school.